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ChargeHub Advocates for EV Roaming: The Agora Initiative

ChargeHub Advocates for EV Roaming: The Agora Initiative

It doesn’t make the “front page news” often, but EV roaming matters quite a lot to EV adoption! Offering convenience and options to EV drivers when it comes to public charging is a key pillar of transportation electrification alongside a growing & reliable infrastructure. 

EV roaming means that EV drivers can access a wide range of public charging stations using a single account on their preferred method of payment. It exists precisely to simplify the charging experience by making it flexible and seamless for EV drivers

EV roaming has to be tackled to get to the next level of EV adoption. This is also supported by serious independent research conducted in Canada by Pollution Probe that found that 37% of survey respondents are not aware of any roaming agreements between network operators, and only about 6% of respondents had a clear understanding of the scope of these agreements. The Agora initiative will definitely help bring EV roaming higher on the agenda of EV adoption.


With the growth of public charging networks, ChargeHub is supporting greater charging network interoperability. We believe that as an industry, we must always aim to offer the best charging experience for end users. The Agora initiative ensures that the industry shares this vision and scales up EV roaming.

The complex problem of EV roaming has to be addressed with robust solutions that are the most seamless and efficient for the industry. ChargeHub's dedication to advancing EV roaming to accelerate EV adoption and its support to the Agora initiative reflects a pivotal moment in the ongoing evolution of EVs. As the industry collaborates towards greater interoperability, ChargeHub is committed to  a future where the best charging experience is seamlessly accessible to all EV users.