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A single account to connect and pay on a fast-growing North American
network of public charging stations.


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Why is EV Roaming Important?

With the exponential growth in the number of charging stations and networks in North America, we are witnessing a multiplication of payment systems which are unfortunately not always compatible with each other.

This represents a major challenge to the mass adoption of EVs. But there are solutions such as EV roaming which enables EV drivers to charge on multiple networks using their preferred payment method via a single account.

This innovation greatly simplifies charging on public networks for commercial vehicle fleets and helps accelerate their electrification.

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The Three Principles of EV Roaming



Any North American charging network or mobility service provider can be interoperable.




All players involved in EV roaming have the same goal, which is to simplify charging and payment for EV drivers.



EV roaming can be made technically and commercially simpler using the latest integration technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions
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