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EV Roaming can help make long road trips easier for Canadian EV owners

EV Roaming can help make long road trips easier for Canadian EV owners

New Canadian EV owners love their EVs but find charging their vehicles during a long road trip a challenge, according to research done by the Canadian Automobile Association.


To better understand the experience of an EV driver in Canada, CAA conducted a study of 16,000 Canadian EV owners. Findings from the study highlighted that the public charging experience is still a major concern for Canadians. Among battery electric vehicle (BEV) owners, 26% said the public charging process is a major concern. Additionally, 36% said they lack confidence in taking their EV for road trips.


Many factors caused these concerns, such as charging infrastructure and availability of chargers in some areas.


Through the Agora project, we want to educate Canadians about the benefits of EV roaming, which can help alleviate some concerns about taking your EV on a long road trip. EV roaming means that EV owners access a wide range of public charging stations using a single account instead of multiple accounts with their preferred method of payment. It exists precisely to simplify the charging experience by making it flexible and seamless for EV drivers.


EV roaming is not just for long road trips. According to CAA’s research, a significant portion of

respondents, approximately 30%, say they rely on charging solutions outside their homes. 


Having a reliable and accessible charging network will help all EV owners.


Check out CAA’s EV Buyer’s Guide to learn more about driving and charging your EV and visit Agora’s website to learn more about their mission and EV Roaming.