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What is EV Roaming?

What is EV Roaming?

When you travel to a new region or country you probably have experienced roaming, a seamless and automatic connection of your phone to available networks. The magic of roaming is that you do not have to worry about subscribing to a new network or if your phone will connect to a local network.

What is EV Roaming?

The same idea applies to public EV charging. EV roaming is a concept that enables electric vehicle (EV) drivers to charge their vehicles easily and conveniently, regardless of the network. Simply put, EV Roaming means that electric charging systems are compatible with each other, enabling drivers to effortlessly connect and charge their vehicles across diverse charging networks without the headache of managing multiple subscriptions or cards.


Why is it Important?

If you do not have a home charger or need to go on a road trip, you will need to charge your   EV on public charging networks. With EV roaming, accessing multiple charging stations across different networks becomes a breeze, thanks to your trusty go-to app instead of signing up and adding funds on multiple accounts and digital wallets, a frustrating experience for EV drivers.


Accelerating EV adoption through EV roaming

Just as you expect your phone to automatically connect to available mobile networks, Agora is on a mission to make EV Roaming more widespread to EV drivers. The goal: making it possible for drivers and commercial fleet managers to use their preferred mode of payment to connect and pay effortlessly on multiple charging networks. This matters to support a wider EV adoption!