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Why is EV Roaming the next big thing for EV adoption?

Why is EV Roaming the next big thing for EV adoption?

EV Roaming matters quite a lot to EV adoption! Offering convenience and options to EV drivers when it comes to public charging is a key pillar of transportation electrification alongside a growing & reliable infrastructure. 

As of today, the landscape of public EV charging is marked by fragmentation, over 195,000 chargers dispersed across close to 100 networks in North America.



Consumer Demand: Simplicity in Charging

Consumers crave a charging experience as seamless as refueling a gas car. Despite a burgeoning infrastructure, a variety of EV models on the roads, and incentives for adoption, a significant hurdle remains—the payment experience at public charging stations.

As the EV charging infrastructure expands rapidly and consumer expectations soar, EV Roaming emerges as the key to a smooth charging experience.


EV Roaming: Paving the Way for Effortless Charging

Being able to use a single account to charge on a maximum of charging networks with the EV drivers’ preferred method of payment is key to offer the best charging and payment experience. This is why ChargeHub, BC Hydro, Electric Circuit and many other industry partners are taking leadership and have launched Agora, to promote EV Roaming and provide the tools and resources for the general public and commercial fleets to understand that EV roaming is a pillar for EV adoption. 


EV roaming is needed to get to the next level of EV adoption!

This may seem like a niche topic in the EV adoption puzzle but based on our expertise, EV roaming has to be tackled to get to the next level of EV adoption. This is also supported by serious independent research conducted in Canada by Pollution Probe that found that 37% of survey respondents are not aware of any roaming agreements between network operators, and only about 6% of respondents had a clear understanding of the scope of these agreements. The Agora initiative will definitely help bring EV roaming higher on the agenda of EV adoption.


Stay Plugged Into EV Roaming!